50$ decoy

    • lalsakdiip
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      Im here to write how pissed i feel. The process for getting your 50$ for begginers is ridiculous. If you dont want to give them away just post it in your front page. As far as it gets with the quiz it seems fine. The first e-mail I received was a request for an id check. Ok, that sounds fair, doesn`t it? I send a picture of my identification card and wait. After two days i get another e-mail and this time I am being asked of a tightened identity check. No explanations why the last one was bad or anything. Just that they need more photos from different angles. Ok, even though the situation looks awkward, I take a ton of photos and send them. It takes about two more days to receive the last and final e-mail. And guess what does it say? It says that I have an answer to my ticket. Come on, what ticket? I follow the link and "$50 PokerStars transfer denied ! 05.08.09" is all that I see. Again no explanations, no nothing.

      I hope that this is all a big misunderstanding and i will have to make an apology in the end of this, but somehow I dont have faith in that.

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    • andreibalint
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      Yeah they can piss you off a little but ps.com has no interest NOT to give you the 50$. Even if it's only 50 and the rake seems small, believe me it counts and adds up a lot of small profits for the site where you play. Just keep on trying, you won't regret it (you certainly won't regret the frustration provided by a downswing :f_love: )
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      Hello lalsakdiip,

      When you go to the ticket system you can actually click on an individual ticket to open it. In your case clicking on the ticket with the topic "$50 PokerStars transfer denied!" would lead you to the actual content, which includes explanations and instructions.

      I suggest you open the ticket and read it yourself: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/home/support/

      Essentially we didn't deny your starting capital and certainly have no problems "giving it away" - after all that is what our site is about. The issue is that PokerStars denied the transfer out one reason or another (this happens from time to time, especially when they have reason to believe you have had previous playmoney accounts there).

      That is why our support asked you to choose another platform from the platform selection page. Once you have done so you only need to answer the last ticket with the choice of new platform and your name there and you will receive the free $50 on that site (no more ID checks - since you have already passed those).

      Best regards
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      So guess that apology could come in handy right about...

      wait for it

      now :f_cool:
    • timukasr
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      Back in the old days there was no ID check and you could have been 8 year-old and still get $50 :f_cool:
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      Originally posted by timukasr
      Back in the old days there was no ID check and you could have been 8 year-old and still get $50 :f_cool:
      Personal experience? :D
    • lalsakdiip
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      Ok, I guess I need to apologise then. Kind of gay that pokerstars denied it because most of my friends play at pokerstars. I have watched how they play and have got used to the site. Maybe you could advice me the most simular poker room? Or there isn`t really a difference between them? Sorry for being so rude in the first post.

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      im suffering the same problem , how long does it take for poker strategy to process your ticket reply
    • onepark
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      me 2,

      Poker stars rejected mine as well...
      so im thinking of signing up with fulltilt soon as my internet is ready at home...