Basic Strategy Question

    • pwned94
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      Hi, I play the 10-handed 7min blinds $1+$.20 No Limit Hold'em SNG's on bet365.

      Due to the high (20%) rake, I have played around 10 SNG's and am dead even. I have never placed above 3rd, and although the strategy enables me to do this often, I an concerned I may not get a positive ROI.

      I am aware of the fact that 10 SNG's is a paltry sample size, but a concern of mine is that it is hard to make money playing these SNG's, as it is often difficult to get 3-handed with a decent stack because the main theme is SURVIVAL.

      I am wondering if anybody has any views on how to beat the rake but obey bankroll management, as until I reach $100 I have to play the $1 SNG's.
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