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Hi again!

    • Gunstar1337
      Joined: 21.02.2009 Posts: 34
      I've played here long ago, I don't even remember when, probably in May or April. I got my bonus like everybody here did, but I was very raw as a poker player. Now, my thoughts have straightened out. After losing the starting capital, I started massing cheap tournaments, freerolls and stuff. I even got to a live tournament. Now I decided to return here, the place where I started from, made a deposit on PartyPoker and started revising SSS.
      Some of you will probably point me to the Introduction branch, but I have a reason to write my post here. Not a reason, actually, it's a bunch of questions.

      1) Can a player be successful in both: cash and tournaments? Not that I can't decide, the cash seems to be more profitable, but I REALLY like the live tournament game, that's why I want my tournament skills.

      2) Can a player be successful, if he spends little time on playing poker? At the moment I'm working and I'll go back to school in autumn, that's why I have only 1,5-2 hours a day for my game.

      3) I have a bronze status, I've read everything connected with SSS, what to do now? I don't see point in reading BSS articles until I have the right bankroll for it.
      Now more technical questions:

      4) I downloaded PS Elephant, but it doesn't seem to track my hands. I have to import all the hands after the session. And it doesn't display stats, it only says: "Not enough hands played on this table". Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

      5) I wanted to play some SnG`s this morning and found out, that there are no 1$ standard holdem Sngs available at PartyPoker. The turbo ones are like a one big coinflip. I remember playing the standard format holdem tournaments, where have they disappeared?

      Thanks for your answers,
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hey, welcome back Dmitry :)

      All good questions my friend....

      1) Basically yes. The principles of poker are similar for both cash games and tournament/sng play and a good cash game player can be good at tournaments and vice versa. You'll find that most players are usually better at one or other of the variants though, depends on their playing style I guess.
      You should play whichever you prefer imo, afterall the most important thing is that you enjoy playing poker, profit and building up a BR are secondary aspects imo.

      2) Of course. Sometimes it is actually more beneficial to play short sessions and then take a break or do something different. When you do get time to play, you will tend to be more keen and alert to the task ahead. Obviously the more you play, the more you could gain from both profit/loss and player points etc.

      3) Entirely up to you how you want to learn and progress. From my own experience I would suggest that you currently stick to whichever route you are playing at the moment e.g. sss or bss or sngs and don't get confused between them as there are subtle differences in strategy for each one. e.g. the starting hands will be different in the latter stages of a tournament compared to standard sss cash game play.

      4) I'm not an expert on Elephant and haven't come across this problem myself. Might pay to post this specific question in our Software board of the forum where one of the technically minded members should be able to help you more.

      5) Yes unfortunately Party isn't great at lower level sngs, those that are available tend to have a higher fee too. But it is equally important that you don't break BRM and play higher ones until your ready. I think lots of members do play the turbo sngs, but if you do, then i would strongly recommend downloading the PokerStrategy ICM trainer as you will find yourself in a push/fold situation quicker on the turbo format and good solid ICM play can greatly improve your chances of getting ITM and winning.

      Good to see you again, hope these help.

      Best regards,