Playing A10

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      I have been doing ok so far with using poker strategy and all the advice on the site.

      I am finding it great for starting to actually win at poker.

      However! A10 confuses me. I play sit and go's and at the moment I am playing $1 SnG, For example, I was BB and had soft callers into me with A10. I decided to simply check behind rather than raise, the board hit with A ? ?

      The other cards were not relevant, no straight, no flush, etc. So I was sitting with what seemed a fairly comfortable high card. I bet out, everyone folded except the button who raised me all in.

      What is the best thing for me to do in this scenario? I called the hand, and was beat with AQ

      He did not raise pre-flop just cold called in.

      Also whats the best moves to make mid-game and mid-position with A10 if there is a min-raise on the table etc?

      Any advice would be nice.
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