few problems

    • szury
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      Hi! :spade:

      1.Am I banned or something (lol). For 4 days I have no new referals and till then I had 2-3-4 each day. Maybe my advertising methods are getting worse :P

      2. One of my referals has got 16 PPs. I am waiting for a week now to get my dollars on my pp account.

      3. One of my referals passed the quizz and didn't get the 50$.

      Thanks :)
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    • Stefan1000
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      No of course not, the stats i see show me a 2digit number of referals in the last 7 days, so i think the referals are updated with the next pp update i think, but i am not sure.

      As it is written in our referal program we can not transfer money below $50 but we are working on a solution together with party. The money wont get lost it is credited to your account and as soon as we have found a solution the money will be transfered.
      I know that this is not vary satisfying so we are mentioning this in our referal program plus we are really working on a solution to handle that issue.

      Possible reasons:
      a) entered wrong party account but did not reply to our tickets or mails
      b) he already had a real money account on party (fake user) and his account was closed by party
      c) got an id-check but he did not reply to our tickets or mails.

      Best regards,
    • szury
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      ok thank you for yor promt answer.
      The $50 minimum payout is ok too. I just didn't know about it ;)