im back from the dead

    • johnboy1
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      i blew all my $50 in 4 days trying to get as many points as i can to get the bonus faster i had made about 600 points, i was gutted i started playing high low omaha the rake there was good every1 was going all in nearly every hand but so was i and that was my undoing and lost it all :( anyway with the points i had gained i played a free roll and came 3rd winning 8 dollars started playing low stake nl 5c 10c and i started winning most of my $50 bonus back ive got about $40 dollars in my account now im taking it easy now ive learned from my mistake its not a race to fulfill the bonus that not my aim no more, just to win a few dollars each day a build my balance back up and also play the freerolls cheap way of making money :) they saved me lol at the moment i feel ive achieved alot coming back from the dead which i was to where i am now its made me a better player, i hope this spurs other poker players on if they have done the same or are getting low with there balance there is still hope just never give up, i didnt :) gl all and hope to see you on the tables..................
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