"Setmining" in Sng's

    • MikeB570
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      At what blind to stack ratio is limping along really profitable? I know the chips you lose are worth more than the chips you win and I'm sure the Call-20 rule doesn't apply.

      Any tips?
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    • Heffron89
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      I only limp low pocket pairs in 10/20 and 15/30 stages
    • lessthanthreee
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      yeah i limp call a small raise when im at least 25bb deep.

      usually i apply a call-15 rule with more than 1 person in the pot because you can combine their stacks and the probability of one of them going broke against your set.

      but i find very often when the blinds start getting towards 40/80 you get raised very often and its usually better off to either steal with ur bigger pockets from middle 77+ or open fold depending on your play style.