i need some advice

    • Bogdan1190
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      what do you guys do when you start a 2 hour session and after one hour of fixt limit you win like 25 BB and whe other hour you have like 3 or 4 bad beats and you lose all your profit and a bit of your BR. last night i was playing 5c/10c/ i was ahed 2.50$ and after 2 hours i went to sleep with -0.12c. i ususally made some rules like stop playing after 3 bad beats becouse after 3 bad beats i won't be playing my A game ... do you ghuys think i shuold put a ruls like if i lose 50% of my profit i should call it a day ? or to put like a stop prfit when i make a number of BB i should stop ? i read that this isn't ok becouse im limiting my winnings but when i lose a days work..the become good strategys.
      how do you handlle this situations . i had KK Vs AA straight vs full house and flush vs 2 pair . after that all my profit was gone.
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    • Wriggers
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      I have a problem with this as well. Playing SSS I can end up $1 up in about an hour playing to the SHC and then say I get KK and push all in pre-flop and someone will crack me with A9 straight or AA. Meaning i've not only lost my profit but lost all my buy in as well.
    • Faye6891
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      I don't play fixed limit but my advice is: Don't focus on the winnings or the losses, just focus on making the right decisions. And have fun while doing so, this game shouldn't be enjoyable only when you're winning.

      I know this is easier said than done but the only person that can help you achieve this is you.

      I don't recommend making these rules where you leave the game when you have won or lost X amount of money, they won't help at all. Stop playing or taking break when you notice you're tilting is definetely fine though... but the optimal thing to do would be just not tilt.
    • Strodyn
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      Stick to the bankroll management rules, and expect to lose. Just know that if you follow those rules you will be more prepared to deal with the losing sessions, and if you have to drop a level then know that all good players drop levels when they need to.

      It is just part of the game and should be totally expected, as is losing sessions, and sometimes many sessions in a row.
    • arvydkot
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      Sometimes i start playing i go like 6 stacks down in 15 min. Sometimes 6 stacks up in 15 minutes. Its just a vairance. Like Faye6891 said just keep making good decisions.
      I stop playing only if im tillting. I hate to have loosing sesions so even if i get lots of bad beats im trying to win it back with my A game not with tilts