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    • irregularity
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      I am currently trying to batter the $5 and $10 10-man SNG's on Mansion, with some success atm. The traffic isn't great though, I am considering moving my SNG play to stars.

      I have played on stars before, and I do think players are generally better there. Obviously another thing to note is that their SNG's are 9-man, so slightly smaller prize, but obv one less opponent to beat to get paid.
      Taking all these factors into consideration, do you think it is worth moving my roll to stars for a while? I don't really see the point moving part of my roll because charges that I would face would be abigger percentage.

      Thoughts much appreciated.
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    • viewer88
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      In my experience traffic is ~OK for anything below the 33$'s

      Might depend on the hours you play.

      There's alot more traffic on stars and the software is a zillion times better, competition is tougher but still beatable.. It's up to you.

      Are you clearing some kind of bonus on mansion? If not: insta-move away imo :f_cool:
    • irregularity
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      I have no current bonus with Mansion, but it is my only PS tracked account unfortunately! I am swayed, I really don't like how the only time I can get a decent session in is 9pm-1am. Where as stars I could get a decentish session any time of day!

      FT is also an option due to rakeback, but their SNGs are a lil more turbo and I prefer slower.

      I could get a traked account with Interpoker, but I am not a huge fan of boss.
    • DevilChess
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      10 min blinds are DEFINETELY beatable, but IMO you can get more $/Hr in 5min blinds, since those are beatable aswell.

      5 min blinds are beatable, and you can get enough advantage to get a nice ROI, along side with some rakeback these are great :p

      3 min blinds are beatable too, but ROI is way low and there's alot more variance, since you can't get enough advantage, even against the worst of fishes, and probable you don't get more $/Hr than 5 min blinds unless you are getting HUGE rakeback (I'm talking about 33%+)