UK best "mobile " internet provider for poker

    • mChavez
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      Hi all!

      Can anyone recommend any "mobile" internet providers/packages, cause i'm moving into a new flat soon and it may take up to 2 months for BT to get a phone line there lol=) So i want to get a mobile internet access.
      Lookign for somethign cheap but reliable. Anyone had any experience with them?
      HAve a good 3g compatible phone, so ideally, no phone in the contract.

      Any suggestions?

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    • irregularity
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      My girlfriend got a £35/month contract with 3 to get a free laptop(from PC world) She is paying over the odds for her laptop but to get the mobile internet as well makes it an almost good deal. But I have used the mobile internet, played a couple tables on Full Tilt. It worked well, as long as you get a good reception, which shouldn't be a problem really, they check your postcode for coverage in the shop. Ideally you want the coverage to be excellent, their version of "good" isn't very good and can be temperamental.
    • kortegan
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      vodafone do quite a good offer £15/month and you can just pay for one-off months not a 1-year long contract which i find useful as the amount i use varies due to my work u might want to check out
    • Walts87
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      Anyone know of any Mobile internet i can get that works abroad?
    • martizzo
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      Vodafone i guess