Sunday Million (and a half) advice

    • lennonac
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      Alright guys, Im wondering if any of you have played in the sunday 1.5 million?

      If so what kind of play did you take did you do ok.....

      I have got my ticket by spending 500FPP

      I played the steps from step one and ending with winning step 3 which is a ticket to a $215 event, i would prefer the money but you cant do that through steps I think.

      I found the steps very easy except the last one was much harder, but when you are this good!! I didnt even have to do any of the steps again.

      Any advice you guys may have as it is a deep stack event, or should I enter the sunday warm up instead....

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    • LgWz
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      I played it once, about 6 months ago.

      I lost most of my stack in the 2nd level, AA vs A2 flop 722 vs huge donkey. Busted close to 1st break. Total failure :D

      Advice: just keep in mind that, while deepstacked, implied odds own, try to see some flops with speculative hands in position (maybe calling small raises), etc. But the "deepstack" doesn't take as long as it may seem at first.
    • Anssi
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      Million is so much more easier than Warm-up. You really need huge bankroll to play either of them though. There is no special advice to million, just play good tournament poker.