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Early stages of an SNG

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    • z4tz
      Joined: 24.05.2008 Posts: 2,043
      You can do it on lower limits ofc where the players bust eachother so much, but you loose value and reduce your winnings in the long run.
    • lessthanthreee
      Joined: 30.06.2009 Posts: 16,300
      i just play AK and QQ+ open raising/re raising.

      all other pocket pairs for set value, simple no set no bet strategy. ur missing value if ur not playing some big starting hands.

      i usually stay clear of playing AQ to a raise and only steal vs tight regulars at low limits.

      usually i just make it to the push fold stage not playing a hand, but occasionally hitting big and stacking fish with starting hands with strong starting equity greatly increases your chances of making it ITM once you reach push fold.
    • dienaszaglis
      Joined: 12.06.2008 Posts: 999
      My first post here!

      My thoughts: In the early phase it is also profitable to limp with suited connectors and Axs. I do it, if pot odds are 5:1 or more(several limpers entered the pot). You get great implied odds too. And checking BB is no brainer too.

      You can also call the raise with your pocket pair, if your and opponents stack sizes are at least 20 times the raise - call20 rule(you will get your set once in 20 times).
    • tellef2307
      Joined: 05.06.2009 Posts: 24
      12/100* ;)

      The call 20 rule is important because then we can get max value out of our opponents when we hit our set. :)