Playing limits beyond my bankroll

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      Past week i was playing very good and make good money! Suddenly one idea has come to me why not to play bigger i will win certainly more money and then I move from NL $0.10 cash games to NL $0.5 HU!! WOW you thinking, and i do that. My bankroll $53 ends up to $0.33! I was very disappointed and I then not played poker about 3-5 days. When I back i was clear my mind and playing poker, i was playing freeroll tournaments but i was not that good to win. Now I had a chance to play NL $0.25+$0.05 Satellite tournament(Daily Dollar on Full Tilt) i win i won 2 place and get $1 i was very hapy. I tryed again i dont was that successfull! Yesterday i get on the SNG freeroll for Face the Ace i played against 180 people and won 1 place. Today i was playing NL cash games (PLO, NL and FL Holdem) and build my bankroll up to $8.56.
      I learned my lesson, now i know i never gonna repeat this mistake.

      sory about my bad english
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