I can be found under the name Scully5 at Cakepoker. I've decided to start playing online poker seriously as I have blown over $100 in no deposit bonuses.

Bio: I'm a laid back kid (18) from Toronto who has a month to waste time and play poker before I have to run off to business school (even though when I have free time I'll be playing there too!).

Plan: Build on the $30 I deposited at Cake and Play DoN SnGs (I think I'm a great "tight" poker player)

Deposit date: August 5th, 2008

Goals: 1) Work my way up to $150 so I can begin playing $5 DoNs (From what I have read so far.. x30 BI is a decently fast paced way of moving up) [$64.19/$150]
2) Clear the $33 bonus at Cake [67/500 player points]
3) Reach silver status [18/100 strategy points]

And that's pretty much it! I'll keep the blog updated as often as possible!