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      what do you do when you ar in the BB with QJo and there are 2 limpers ?in the 'first in' chart there is no BB ,and in "actions against callers" its a Call. BB defence i use it when sombody raises. do i raise the hand myself ?
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      There is no BB in the first in chart because there is no possible way to be first in if you are in the BB...

      If everyone folds to you, you get your blind back and the SB.

      So if you are in the BB with QJos and you have 2 limpers then you look at the actions against callers infront of you chart.
      So like you mentioned its just a call.

      **EDIT: and if your are wondering about raising.. For example, you had 1 limper and you are holding 66, then you can raise
      because if you look at the first in chart, SB can raise with 22.