Its challenge Time

    • lennonac
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      Its time to do a boku style challenge although im not sure i can grind like the master does im sure i can do around 50-100 sng's a day.

      My plan is to go from $100 to $1,000 in 7 days starting today and ending sunday. Altough im in the UK I play through the night so it will be around 6am GMT monday morning that the challenge ends.
      I will try and update the blog everyday but as you can imagine i wont have much time on my hands.

      I will be sticking to bank roll management of 80 buyins so I will be starting on $1 sngs untill i reach $240 then i will move to the $3 sng's then up to $6 sng's when i reach $480.

      I hope to reach the $3 sng's in a couple of days, there is no restrictions on what I can play except it must be sng's

      Its a shame I dont have a tracked account with pokerstars so I could gain the poker strategy points but I only have mansion. Mansion software is not good enough for the major grinding I will be doing but maybe next time I will try.

      My pokerstars name is QaudFarther is you want to look me up, although I wont respond in the chat as I will have too many tables open to notice.

      Wish me luck

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    • EagleStar88
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      Sounds interesting Quad,

      Will try to pop in sometimes to cheer you on.

      Good luck buddy,

    • lennonac
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      Thanks EagleStar

      Ok day one is complete, I managed to grind 152 $1.10 45 man sng's which i am pleased with here are the results..

      Tourneys: 152
      ROI%: 25.0
      ITM%: 21.7%
      Total Winnings for challenge$:41.80

      Click here for graph

      I didn't make enough first places for my liking I only managed 4 which is not good enough out of 152.
      Only $100 to go before I can move up to the $3 sng's which will really kick start this challenge.

      Watch out for me at the tables........ :s_cool:
    • KidPokersKid
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      Looks like your on your way, i'm interested in seeing how things go for you in your challenge...Best of Luck :]
    • lennonac
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      Ok so day two was the worst day for suckouts! im not one to moan so lets just leave it at that ;(

      Tourneys: 271
      ROI%: -20.5%
      ITM%: 14.8%
      Total Winnings for challenge$:-19.30

      I went on monkey tilt at the end otherwise I think I would have been break even. I was really anoyed with myself as this set back has put a real strain on the challenge.

      But today I slowed myself down did less tables from 30 to 15 and the results were good.

      $1.10 45 mans
      Tourneys: 134
      ROI%: 27.6%
      ITM%: 20.1%

      I also included a few $3.25 when I was running hot
      $3.25 45 mans
      Tourneys: 14
      ROI%: 25.3%
      ITM%: 14.3%
      Total Winnings for challenge$:32.95

      Im going to include these $3.25's running 50/50 with the $1.10's as I am really pushed to make this by monday morning. I hope to push the bank roll up so I can go to 50% $3.25 and 50% $6.50

      Tomorrow I need to push in about 200 more tourneys

      4 days left
    • lennonac
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      OK so I failed this one, with a really bad start it became almost impossible!
      I mad it to around $380

      I will be starting this challenge again today and will post the blogg for it later.

      Challenge #2 will be completed......
    • AquamanBT
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      I guess that if you lower the 80 BI rule for the start (at least until you're over playing the $3's) you should make it. The $1's are kinda swingy. I wish you the best for next time.