what do you do on tilt?

    • dianaisaS
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      well this was just to report a 700$ bill to repair my MacBook Pro because of a punch i gave it after a few badbeats in a row at Pacific Poker
      is it me or everone breaks stuff when on mad tilts?

      everyone feel free to beat me :)
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    • KidPokersKid
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      its not just you but I don't take out my rage on my computer i just take it out on my punching bag or my younger brother if he has been pissing me off that day :evil:
    • Wriggers
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      Usually a wall for me, causing annoying and painful bruising of my hand. I think I have possibly broken parts of my hand due to rage from poker or Football Manager :p
    • steIIstuI
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      i hurt my little finger on the corner or the desk. But When I'll afford to buy a laptop like I buy a pack of cigarettes I will move my rage on it :p. It crossed my mind a few times to punch the screen and break it just to see how it is
    • whateverdude
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      I once hit my PC and the very next second the thought of what am I going to do if I break my PC totally froze me. Since then I'm just bruising my hands on the wall
    • NightFrostaSS
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      Strategy: Psychology & Didactics

      You guys need it. :D
    • Djvandal
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      if bad beats affect you guys that bad it may be time to take a break its only a game and only money :)

      reading the psychology articles can help you cope a bit better
    • Cpwpoker
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      During a bad beat i swear i say thing like "What the hell is those card why did he call my raise with 56o????"

      lol but now i played 8 table and i read a manga(japanese comic) and i play very tightly only 12% seen flop.Playing like this i don't get bad beat lol and also i play less hand that i was taunt to play.

      I know i should not do other thing when multitabling but if i just watch the table i have the habit to play more hand to try to steal blind and when they raise not to fold.By reading manga and playing i play a solid SSS with this i'm able to get my money back *yay*

      Since the biggest bonus ever on fill tilt i started to play on it instead on clearing my bonus on other site.

      I lost 50$ in 2days >_>

      and started to play tightly with the SSS and reading manga lol

      I played like 8k hand the last 2 days with this style.I get back 30$ :P !
    • AugustusCaesar
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      Heh .. 3 days ago I moved up to NL25 and lost 5BIs the very first day playing just sick suckouts set vs runner runner and so (Everest's gamblers ;-).. After the last one I just stood up and sat down :-D I do not know why but if someone seen it he would sure laugh the hell out of him
    • daytripper84
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      I just curse and swear in my head and say to myself if there were a god he wouldn't have soiled humanity with the ignorant fools who we have to deal with on a daily basis with bad beats.

      But then again if it weren't for them, this site probably wouldn't exist, so it is a 2 sided coin.
    • k0praonu
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      I start playing very aggressivly, like reraising and moving all-in with thrash if I'm bluffing. Sometimes it even pays off and I get a nice profit while playing on tilt :D
    • Tampaloeres81
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      Well I don't tilt that much anymore. But I tend to play even tighter.

      When I receive a bad beat, I start laughing and make a note of the donk. Knowing how much I am going to earn from the donk :s_cool:
    • Dragar
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      I play like a lose fish...

      But I don't braek stuff... breaking my laptop is like destroying my BR haha
    • andreibalint
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      You guys are suicidal... The worst thing i ever did when i went on tilt is swearing and responding like crap to any conversation for about 5 minutes. I can generally get over it in like 15 minutes. If i can't get a hand out of my head i don't play that day. If i feel i'm angry i take a break. If i'm really pissed off i again don't play that day. Get a dog and/or start smoking lol.
    • bluffalot123
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      smoking is my tilt prevention method so if i wanna quit smoking i gotta quit poker :)
    • MrPavlos
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      i broke my laptop's screen too :f_cry:

      thank god i have a desktop aswell....
    • Octhellior
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      What do I do if I go on tilt?

      Play 100NL BSS with my $200BR.
    • MrPavlos
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      Originally posted by Octhellior
      What do I do if I go on tilt?

      Play 100NL BSS with my $200BR.
      works out good?
    • OrcaAoc
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      Not everyone really breaks stuff but many people have serious problems with tilt . To stop tilt the key thing is to play learning orientated instead of results orientated.
    • jonnyjm
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      I get quite pissed off...although it doesnt affect my game at first, i can go 4 or 5 days with sick beat after beat without my game been affected. First i'll laugh about it, then i'll get a bit fustrated but plod along knowing i'm playing well, then i get pissed off and moan how sick its getting and my luck has to change soon. Afetr the last stage my game will start to change and this is when i stop...normally the sighn is when i go "oh do you know what F**k it"...at this point my mind tells me im compramised and i turn my computer off straight away. I'll then either take a few days off or play the smallest limits possible so that i can start thinking poker and good dissisions rather than money again.
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