• TaaviSisas
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      Hey everyone.
      I'v played poker 'bout 3-4 months. Before takin' quiz i tought i can play well :D
      I recived my $50. I still make alot of mistakes.
      I wanna thank you pokerstrategy for helping me to start my bankroll. :)
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi TaaviSisas and welcome to PokerStrategy.

      We all still make mistakes my friend, even after years of play. The key is to identifying those mistakes and learn from them. If you can slowly reduce the number of leaks in your game, you will soon notice a difference and your enjoyment of the game will no doubt increase too.

      PokerStrategy is great at providing the strategy to identify and plug these leaks and if approached with a clear and open mind really can make the difference. I too used to play poker before finding this site and I know how difficult it can be to break those old habits :D

      Keep going my friend, sounds like your doing well and I have every faith in you.

      Welcome again,