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    • AussieIan
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      I'm looking at using the referral system for a friend of mine and his wife....given that they only have one computer they would share through the same internet connection, would this be a problem for them (due to having the same IP details etc).

      I know they wouldn't be able to each have an account on the same poker site, but are they both still able to sign up for PS, and get starting capital at seperate sites?
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    • LuborC
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      I'm not sure what how PS handles these kinds of things but it might interest you that FullTilt allows multiple accounts from one computer. You just can't register for the same tournaments and can't sit down at the same table..
    • sorelena
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      So, what is the finnal answer??
      I am also interested in this answer, because I already took the quiz, and I dont know if my girlfriend is allowed to register here, at poker strategy and get the bonus, as we have wirreles at home (and of course same IP)..
    • SoyCD
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      Hello AussieIan,

      Essentially the most important thing is that members use their accounts only for themselves. That means they read the articles, pass the quiz, etc by themselves and also play poker on their own accounts. As long as our support does not have reason to believe that things are not like this (e.g. one account is just for a second starting capital) then it is not a problem.

      Regardless of this it is very difficult to control such things, which is why our support is very strict in such situations. That means there will be ID checks and sometimes it even runs down to only one person being able to receive the capital. In general it is allowed though.

      Best regards