Searching for MTT-Partners

    • Koki88
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      im a german member of pokerstrategy and im searching for english mttpartners for skypeconversations. the reason why i want to find an english partner is that i want to improve my english! maybe u can improve ur german too and of course we can teach us both poker :D
      I normally grind the biggest mtt 25$+, my average buyin is about 100$. it would be great if u also play this limits but u dont have to.
      Just answer here and im gonna contact u!
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    • sirilidion
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      I play mostly mtt's but only play them from 5,5 to 33 and sometimes the million when I qualify. Not really have the bankroll for the last one :f_frown: but I won 3 tickets to the WCOOP that I can't cash out so wanted some experience at this limit and preferable as cheap as possible :f_p: .

      Well it is not really you're limits and English isn't my native language al do I think it is pretty fine. Still I would find it awesome to discuss some mtt strategies and hands and stuff though Skype with you and perhaps we can learn something from each other through the process.

      Skype: Sirilidion