Whats Wrong with me?

    • Bogdan1190
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      IM sick of my self evry tournement i play in the last 4-5 months ... i lose and here is why:

      i only play freerolls becouse i din't had a bankroll until a month ago and now i play cash games and freerolls. Evrey time that i get past the first hour i play pretty good build up a stack around 12000 when the avrage is about 4000.and i think about evrey hand i play and play strong. in the second hour of play evreything starts to go bad really bad. i almoust always lose my stack in the seccond hour. last night in the first hour i folded kings becouse some one was agresive and thre was a A on the board i said that is not worth the risk. in the second hour i had 17000 and there was like 13 min until the break. the same situation just that i had QUEENS an i want all in against a agrasive player and just before i push i said what hand he had the AKO of course and im kick-out of the turnament. evre time in the second hour i play like the ultimate donkey and dont't think about the info thats around me. advice wold be reealy apriciated thx for reading and tonight i have the new depository freeroll 1000$ prize poll and are only 100 people in ... i realy don't want to bust in the second hour.
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      Have you watched the MTT live coaching?

      Grummeler really knows what he is doing throughout the entire tournaments,
      and he may be able to answer any of your questions, and he can show you
      first hand how to adapt and adjust your game throughout each stage.

      I only played SNGS mostly, but I watched Grummelers coaching a few times and
      I can surely tell you its long, but well worth attending. He even placed ITM for
      over $1k in one of them I watched.
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      First hour is always easy as you have deep stack and playing only pramium hands. After first hour then there is only good players and lucky fish left its getting more complicated
    • MrPavlos
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      Originally posted by arvydkot
      . After first hour then there is only good players and lucky fish left its getting more complicated
      u sure they leave after an hour ? :f_biggrin:
    • roswellx
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      he meant lucky fishes remain not leave...