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Some suggesstions

    • tileng1
      Joined: 20.03.2007 Posts: 38
      Ok first of all I would like to ohh.. if I will find the word in english ... I dont know how you managed, this site is too good to be truth, I dont know but you guys out there, all of you, I think I am dreaming, because finding of this page makes me think my dream came through.

      Now I was at job 3 hour ago (night shift :P ) and got some ideas ...
      (In the morning my brains works like hell I am writing interesting things on a lot of forums so dont blame me plz)

      1.) TEAMSPEAK - I am a gamer, or I was a gamer (playing CS) now I made as lan party organiser and gamers hm... long time ago ware using teamspeak but then ventrilo cames. Ventrilo is a, I think more stable program for voice communication. But I think you have some contract with teamspeak, take this only as suggestion.

      2.) Private lessons - There is a thing I found out in school. In my class there is 30 school mates and one day some of schoolmates got sick and some went on the school trip. So there was about 7 school mates left in class ( I was one of them). And when I came home from school I found that I picked more knowledge from that day, surely more then 10 days spent in school with normal class ( 30+ schoolmates). What I want it to say is that you should maybe give some private lessons. I promise you guys something: When I end up diamond player I will surely have free lessons for all the "staring" players here for Pokerstrategy.

      3.) Meeting - I know that we are from difrent parts of the world but maybe you guys can make a meeting for some gold/platinum/diamond or some lower members ... Maybe you can pick 10 of the best or somethin. I think the money for gold/platinum members is not a problem and for lower members you could make a promotion.

      These are some of the ideas if you realize it, its cool if you not realize it you are still on my 5 of the best things hapened in my life ;)

      GJ guys
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    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649
      Hi tileng1,

      Firs of all thx for your compliment.

      I am not a technic expert but ill talk to the IT and will forward your suggestion.

      I am working on a new coaching system for our sites at the moment and ill hope that we can release it soon. This will also inlcude smaller groups of people. With exercises and much more stuff that will increase your learning experience.

      On the german site (where everything started), we are already doing seminars.
      As soon as the english site has reached a commen size we are planning to do them here also. But i guess thit will take a while.
      In the future we also want to organize larger "international" PokerStrategy events.

      Thx for your feedback, i also want to invite everybody else to let us know what you like and what you dont like.

      best regards,