I really want to improve my game

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      Hi everybody :)

      As my title says, I really want (and need) to improve my game in Omaha.

      I've been playing Omaha for 3 or 4 months and won like 1k$ (2 monts in PLO10, 1-2 months in PLO25). But, most of my wins are from bonuses, rakeback (on fulltilt) and fishes (+ luck) on pacific poker (where I play PLO50). By winning a tournament on FTP (550$), my bankroll is now approximately 2200$ (I've won a part by playing Double or Nothing on Pokerstars before).

      So, actually, I haven't won a lot in PLO by just playing without bonuses... And now, I'm on pokerstars (because I really like the 300$ reload), SH PLO25 and my FPPs are groing really fast... Unfortunately, this is not the case of my bankroll. I came 2 days ago on stars with 600$ (Maximum for moneybookers) and lost 110$ in the same amount of time... Which is real crap.

      I'm really surprised by the difference between the players on stars and Full tilt. On FTP, they respect your raise and don't call you with shit. On stars, they always do (like calling all in (100BB) with KT93 onsuited).

      What can I do to improve my game ? I've watched all the omaha's videos, listened coaches, read articles, ... but I just can't win, and that pisses me off... really.

      I hope to get here good advices :D
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