Am I allowed to register with PS??? For admins..

    • sorelena
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      Few months ago I started playing poker with my girlfriend (we live together, since 1 year ago), I have wireless at my house, so we have 2 accounts on the same IP. We played Pokerstars..
      Few weeks ago, In our country, there have been commercials in our country (Romania) about Full tilt, so from curiosity I registered there, but wasn/t to excited, I didnt played too many hands, and returned to Pokerstars..
      Last week a friend told my about PogerStrategy.. I registered here, took the quiz, and since I already had accounts on those 2 poker rooms, I choosed another pokerroom.
      The question is: If my girlfriend register pokerstrategy, and take the quiz, she will be allowed to choose FULL TILT poker room??? She will actually make her first account there , through Pokerstrategy.. But the problem is that since we have same IP, The admins may conssider that is only one person with 2 accounts..
      So repeating the question: in these conditions, Can she register to Full Tilt, and receive the bonus from Pokerstrategy, in these conditions?? Or she will have to choose another remaining poker room??
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    • sorelena
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      Can I get an answer for this??
      Where is better to put this question? In PS Forum or at FULL Tilt Admins??
    • SoyCD
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      Hello sorelena,

      In plain theory it is not a problem - if it is only her playing with her account she is of course entitled to having one.

      I cannot speak for Full Tilt however and tell if you if they will accept it. They are usually quite strict when it comes to multiple registrations from the same IP and you will in all likelihood have to go through ID checks.

      It should not be a problem though.

      Best regards
    • sorelena
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      Well, I wrote yesterday the Full Tilt admins , but they still didnt answered me..
      At their FAQ's is explained very simple and not understandable at all: you may have only one account..
      Ok, I have only one account, mad my registration from one IP, (I had my mobile net with me), but then I got home and entered 2-3 times from my house, that have a different IP. Well, from that second IP, my girlfriend wants to register.. I asked them is she allowed to, but didnt get an answer. Is the FT support ussualy that slow??
    • Cpwpoker
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      Yup there support is quite slow.

      But it depends sometime it is quick sometimes slow but be sure that they will reply to you in a given time so just wait patiently and don't do anything you will regret :p
    • 8979687
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      I have only had to use FT support once, and it took like a week or more....

      BUT when they do answer you they are very polite and extremely helpful.

      If you and your G/F are two different people then it doesnt matter if you sign up
      from the same IP address. You may be asked for ID when you withdraw but
      even that is rare. I know a few couples who play on Stars and FT.

      I think the only rule on Stars is that you both can not join a 9 man SNG from the same IP.
      And FT usually has the same rules as Pokerstars.

      So look into the rules about FT poker on their web page all this should be laid out.