Nearly Back where I came in

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      I'd like to share some obscure thoughts about my pokerstrategy/partypoker experience.

      Just made 59 party points, 41 away from gaining access to the 'elusive' tournament s&g section of this website and forum.

      Which is realy ironic considering I never played cash games in 4 years of poker. I always played tournaments.

      So in order for me to gain the tournament knowledge I seek, I still need to learn and play more cash games.

      But it's been fun, and playing tourny strategy in ring games can be real funny sometimes. I swear that the more people at the table playing +ev the better for me, as they misinterpret all of my betting patterns because I am so used to using psychological plays in tourneys.

      In fact every player that walks into a cash table with $2 is almost a sitting duck for those ready to pick off the SSS player.

      I already go in with $4 just to throw them off, but slow playing for instance can realy see the $1 bets fly, more than making up for the odd suck out.

      The most startling fact is that I cannot get away with raising more than 2xBB pre flop! Every time I do, I am called, (often by rubbish), just to have the pot taken from me when it falls low etc. It's suicide for me. But the slow play fills the gaps :) .

      I'm doing ok :) I'm $12 down on my original $50 start and have 59 partypoints - not bad going for a cash game amateur is it?
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    • undercover82
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      Why not follow the exact shorstack strategy? it is meant to be easy to play by beginners. Playing medium stacked and minraising sucks , at least thats what coaches here say :)
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      medium stacks dont sound too good, you neither gain the advantage of a short stack to be all in early and avoid -ev situations later on nor are you able to really take advantage of the big time +ev situations later in the hand, because when both of you guys have a strong hand you will be short of money which also doesn't help.

      Minraising has the problem of always giving your opponent good odds and doesn't protect your hand enough. 4xbb is way better as your money essentially doesn't come from your big hands but from the countless times when you continuation bet the flop and pick up a decent sized pot with K high.

      Slowplaying is bad because people just pay you off with middle or bottom pair, but only when you bet, bet, bet.
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      Thanks for comments. Not being an absolute beginner is causing my problem maybe? Because I can see more than a beginner playing SSS does, in fact it drove me crazy waiting.

      I lost count of the times my 4x raise was called then slammed when the flop came low. My opponents generally have 78s etc, knowing they can slam me on the flop.

      For all I know, this is a strategy to cash-in on the SSS player, and I'm just falling for the trap.

      But I don't know because I can't access the Silver area to find out.

      I'm a square peg in a round hole here, seems there aren't many people on the planet that have never played cash games, only tournies.

      But I'm coping, currently 64 points for a loss of $17.

      I would like to know if this is fair going, as I heard being a 'break even' player is the way to start, I think I am doing that, since I did creep into a tourny or two and lost $12 playing them. On my way to being a bonus whore maybe? :D