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3 times in a row!!

    • DeathByHobo
      Joined: 05.08.2009 Posts: 40
      3 times in a row I have gone all in with AA, AK and QQ pre flop. Each time i've been bad beat by some donk hitting a flush with J3s or some other unplayable hand.

      Are the poker gods punishing me??? lol

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    • DeathByHobo
      Joined: 05.08.2009 Posts: 40
      And again! JJJ on flop lost to a 10 8s flush on the river...really ghey.
    • irregularity
      Joined: 23.05.2008 Posts: 233
      The gods must hate you :evil:
    • NightFrostaSS
      Joined: 25.10.2008 Posts: 5,255
    • inf4my
      Joined: 28.02.2008 Posts: 91
      It's part of the game, you need to accept it and learn to forget about it (and so do I)

      I lost 3 buyins yesterday due to a horrible string of bad beats.

      All in with AA vs K7s - villain hits a flush on the river

      All in with A10s vs KQo - villain hits trip queens on the flop (this one isnt so bad)

      All in with AKs vs AQo - villain spikes a queen

      All in TT vs QJo - board comes T Q Q 3 J

      I try to keep telling myself that other people have had a lot worse beats than this in a session, and I should be thankful that it's only 3 buyins instead of 20. I was steaming a bit last night but today I'm over it and ready to grind my money back.
    • chimarraotsr
      Joined: 16.07.2009 Posts: 9
      Shit Happens All the time!

      Every time this happen to me, u have to be calm and wait for better days. ^^
    • archsama
      Joined: 28.07.2009 Posts: 250
      I went all in after a low cards flop with KK, villain paid with JJ
      turn J
      river J

      come on, he could beat me ok. but kicking me when I'm already down is just mean =D
    • Cpwpoker
      Joined: 04.06.2009 Posts: 749
      Lol got pawned about 74$ by bad beat on full tilt xD but cleared 54$ in the bonus so i will be able to play next month also XP

      The hand i will not forget =.=

      Hero : AK
      raise Villain raise back.
      Hero all in

      Show down

      Hero AK Villan AQ

      Hero *oh shit i'm sure a Q will go on flop n i will loose all =.=* said this to myself as i had lost like 10 times before with Ak AA and KK

      Flop xxK

      Hero *Yay only a runner runner QQ will save him*

      Turn Q

      Hero * wtf....*

      River Q

      Hero * lol.....I can control the card wtf!!!!!*

      tsk tsk tsk was super tilt

      Then in got 22 in another room playing multitable 8 tables at a time

      I said as i can control the cards will just all in and will make two 2 appear ^_^!

      Played vs AK k on the river and the 2 never get on board this is where i found out that i can control the cards only to make me have bad beat and not the other way T____T

      End of my poker story :P
    • rickydaprince
      Joined: 20.12.2008 Posts: 397
      unlucky son
    • zhenzhenZHEN
      Joined: 26.04.2009 Posts: 190
      haha dw im sure all of us have gone through this before, those days/weeks when you just KNOW you're gonna lose when the money goes in :(
    • Agiz19
      Joined: 19.03.2007 Posts: 1,126
      RNG loves ya :)