Pokerstars turn/river cards!

    • PokerTof
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      My first moan about pokerstars. In particular the incredible turn and river cards.

      Holding AKs raise UTG only the big blind calls.
      Flop shows AKK.
      He checks i bet he calls.
      Turn card a 2
      Next round of betting is capped.
      River Card a 2.
      Again we CAP.

      He shows pocket 2's?

      my new record for losing with pocket aces is 8 times in a row (and counting).

      Played AK again later.
      Flop a straight. Queen jack ten (raindow).
      Again i CAP.
      Turn card Queen
      CAP again
      River card Jack

      winning hand Jack 5 offsuit.

      Countless situations like this where turn and river card give them the few outs they need.

      Think i'm playing well but cant seem to make much money at moment due to the suckouts.

      Not going to say it's rigged to help the worse hand but by fuck it's annoying.

      First moan over. Hopefully the last aswell.
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    • NightFrostaSS
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      Variance is bitch, get used to it. ;)
    • justkyle88
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      Pokerstars turn and river cards are rigged.
    • erptech
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      We should report Pokerstars to some comission that checks if things are rigged, bcs this is just not right... i mean it can't be. :s_rolleyes:
    • justkyle88
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      haha I agree.
      Actually I wonder how many rigged threads we have on this
      I wonder if soy could count them up for
    • PokerTof
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      My losing streak with pocket aces is over i raised late position and managed to make the blinds fold lol. Hoping for more fortune with my strong hands today.

      Didn't want to turn this into a ' is pokerstars rigged thread '.

      My thinking was have a moan about bad beats then stop playing to avoid tilting.
    • ihufa
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      pokerstars is rigged, and that's just how it is. come to fulltilt
    • Heffron89
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      Wait here u play a game that got loads of luck in it and you whine about the luck ?
    • Verre
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      Do you play 1/2? Think I was at your table today for that AKK22 hand. Anyways today was just a bad day on Stars, dont think its always going to be that way. I had the biggest losing day of my life and played one of the best days of my life, cards sometimes hate you and thats that.

      Anyways dont go to Full Tilt, that place is the home of guarenteed 3 outters. Sorry to hear your bad luck but I've been everywhere and its not Pokerstars :s_biggrin:
    • strat9
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      Pokerstars has bee driving me f**king crazy and finally I broke and sent them an email. This is due to being furious, but also because things happened to me like what you described in your first post. It seems that lately the cards have been falling in crazy ways like this, as I have recently seen and heard way more complaints than usual.

      I used to keep track of how many times I got screwed over and in what way, but I stopped doing this because it just made me feel worse about it. At the same time, if I am going to complain, it should be informative and not just raw frustration. So I did and sent an email to Stars. This is their reply:

      Thank you for your reply.

      The shuffle on PokerStars is truly random; PokerStars is absolutely
      satisfied of that fact. If there remains any doubt yourself then allow me
      again to make the offer to you to provide you with the hand histories for
      *every single* hand (all 162,570 of them) you have ever played on PokerStars
      to have analysed by a mathematician, or for your own analysis using
      software such as PokerTracker or Poker Office. All we do is shuffle a fair
      deck of cards, deal them to the players and let them play, what more can
      we do?

      You have stated in your correspondence to us that these things "do not
      happen in the real world". I have played poker in Brick and Mortar casinos
      and clubs, and it's important to remember that we deal up to four times as
      many hands per hour, per table that are dealt in a "real-life" brick and
      mortar casino.

      A typical casino poker table deals 20-30 hands per hour, while ours deal 60,
      80, and even 100 or more (have a look at the H/hr -- hands per hour --
      column in the real money lobby). If you're used to casino play, it's natural
      to need to adjust to the pace of playing online. Almost everyone finds it
      somewhat surreal at first.

      We currently deal in the vicinity of twelve million hands *every single
      day*. This is more hands than would be dealt in the large Los Angeles card
      casinos (such as the Commerce and Bicycle clubs) in four *months*.

      This means that we'll deal many months worth of bad beats, months worth of
      straight flushes, months worth of unbelievable hands (such as "set over set
      over set"), all in one day. Quads losing to quads in Hold'em is an over 5-
      million-to-1 occurrence, which you will probably not see in a lifetime of
      casino play, but it happens to someone on PokerStars every day. Perhaps this
      will give you some perspective on why things seem "different" here than in a
      live casino -- we've effectively sped up time.

      You can flood as many forums as you wish; that is your prerogative and you
      are entitled to your view. However we feel compelled to point out that
      PokerStars has a long history of credibility, not vice versa

      In any case, it is clear that you feel that you are going to withdraw from
      PokerStars. If you wish to play somewhere else, then you are completely
      within your rights to do so, however I do know that nowhere else on the
      internet will you find a site that has put more effort into ensuring a
      random shuffle, let alone a higher regard for integrity or commitment to
      customer service.

      As a player myself, I sincerely wish you the best of luck wherever you do
      decide to play. If you do decide to return to PokerStars, or if there is
      anything with which we may assist you, do not hesitate to email us back.


      James H
      PokerStars Support Team

      Also, whenever a thread in any forum like this appears, many others come out and say that the sites are not rigged and make smartass comments. They do this, not because they know what they are talking about, but because they
      a) enjoy kicking people when they are down
      b) believe that they are taking the "high road" and are being more professional
      c) believe that it is an opportunity to make themselves look smarter.

      Regardless of what position you take, rigged or not, (usually coincides with losing or not) most of those people are just as ignorant and clueless as what they accuse the complainer to be.

      It is really not that much of a stretch to say that
      a) everywhere else in the world, a computer program simulation is not ever as accurate as real life and
      b)that computer software can be manipulated.

      Threads, though ridiculous at times, like this help hold the sites accountable and is part of self-regulation that can help keep governments from meddling. And it is important to remember that posting in forums is pretty much the extent of any control you have over what happens, which is not much. The only thing you can really control is your own play, so that really does need to be your focus.

      In summary, threads that complain about sites being rigged actually can serve a purpose, while those who post smartass remarks in response do not. So fuck off.
    • SoyCD
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      I was at our local casino a while ago playing 0,50/1 Pounds and managed to first lose a 450 BB pot (so over 200 bb deep) pre-flop all-in with AA vs KK vs QQ and then see as a flopped nut flush lost against a gutshot straight flush on the river.

      Although I asked the dealer whether he has a part time job working as an algorithm at PokerStars, he assured me that he didn't.

      Fact is: bad beats are annoying
      Fact also is: bad beats happen

      Sometimes they happen more often than usual and it really does feel like a site is "rigged" against oneself. Its at points like this where despite our best knowledge of the material (it makes no sense for the site to be rigged) that it is hard for our emotions to believe our cognition. Like any other poker player I have had sessions in which I just held my head after the end of it, thinking "they can't be serious with this shit or?". You get it all-in with a set 5 times, and lose versus flushdraws or gutshots, or who knows what each time. Your own draws never hit and nothing seems to work.

      Its situations like these where you really just need to stay strong and keep your emotions in check. We have a couple of articles on the topic in the psychology section and often taking a break really helps.

      The only thing you can do in such situations is continue looking at your own game. Optimize what you can to get an even bigger edge and to avoid bad play and tilt after beats.

      Harder said than done in such times, but really the only solution. :s_cry:

      Best regards
    • simm1
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      Originally posted by SoyCD
      pre-flop all-in with AA vs KK vs QQ and then see as a flopped nut flush lost against a gutshot straight flush on the river.
      How can you flop a nutflush with AA? are you cheating having two aces of same colour? then its at least rigged :D

      Originally posted by justkyle88
      Pokerstars turn and river cards are rigged.
      Pokerstars RNG details

      rigged in one way. I think you Suck at clicking raise/call in the right time if you loose 8 times in a row :D
    • justkyle88
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      @simm1, i think it was ment to be written like this.
      "pre-flop all-in with AA vs KK vs QQ.
      And then see as a flopped nut flush lost against a gutshot straight flush on the river.
    • SoyCD
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      Actually it was two different hands. Lost the AA vs KK vs QQ quite unspectacular with the KK hitting a King. The other hand happened later in the evening. Was just to show that "rigged" or really strange hands also happen in live play. Sometimes even multiple in one night. :)
    • 8979687
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      You guys should watch High Stakes Poker...

      The suckouts and beats are insane!

      And all Live.

      Not to mention the great entertainment of things like accusing Freddy Deeb of going south....
    • soonish
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      Originally posted by 8979687
      You guys should watch High Stakes Poker...

      The suckouts and beats are insane!

      And all Live.

      Not to mention the great entertainment of things like accusing Freddy Deeb of going south....
    • tofu22
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      my first post, a total waste, but i must give my opinion on this matter! when i started playing poker about two years ago, i also started on a journey to find the 'fairest' site that wouldn't give me bad beats every 5th to 10th hand. on every site i came to the same conclusion - their all rigged. no, not really, thats what poker is all about was the real conclusion, and when it comes to the kind of hands that are being delt (bad beats) in my personal opinion, all the sites are the same (at least the ones i played: pokerstars, fulltilt, everest, titan, pacific ...). the only difference that i experienced was the difference in varience. for example on everest and titan a down swing would last a few tournaments (5-10), on pokerstars, 2 months or about 1200 tours and still going (but i still love this site, as frustrating as this love is).
      im not sure if their's any truth to this at all, this was only my experience.
    • kingdippy2008
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      Originally posted by tofu22
      my first post, a total waste
      Nope, good post in my opinion! A good way to make your first post ;)

    • 8979687
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      Originally posted by soonish
      Originally posted by 8979687
      You guys should watch High Stakes Poker...

      The suckouts and beats are insane!

      And all Live.

      Not to mention the great entertainment of things like accusing Freddy Deeb of going south....
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      YEWWW! First post.

      I don't find so much that I have bad beats on PokerStars, although I have had my fair share.

      I just seem to run into cold deck more than the average...

      E.g. Final Table MTT $11+R, UTG with TT and about 20BB I raise about 2.5-3x BB. Get re-raised all in by a guy with 10BB. Call, he has JJ. Oh well.

      Next hand, AA in BB with 10BB behind. Button pushes all in, SB re-pushes for same amount as me. I'm not folding here although I do not really wanna be in the hand. SB has KK and Button has AA. Of course flop is TKK. Game over after 8 hours.

      Just shit like that annoys me. I play good but just seem to run bad at the end of a tourney. Hence I have never finished higher than 7th in a MTT tourney.

      Also that fact that on PokerStars if you play anything less than $20 MMT limits you are going to get your money in good all the time but always run into sooo many bad players and hands that variance causes you to crash so often in these games. While it is great to play against bad players, they don't loose every time they get their money in bad and if it's for your tournament life it's hard to run good in tourneys so massive as the ones they have on Pokerstars.
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