[NL20-NL50] KK Nl20 SH

    • deltoos
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      Seat 1: Davidst ( $20.31 )
      SB: beton11 ( $25.95 )
      BB: Lekter ( $21.48 )
      Seat 4: Bluff Dizal ( $20.30 )
      Seat 5: omgZomgWtf ( $19.20 )
      Button: AbsoTanja88 ( $52.98 )
      beton11 posts small blind [$0.10]
      Lekter posts big blind [$0.20]

      Preflop: omgZomgWtf is dealt K♦, K♥

      Bluff Dizal folds, omgZomgWtf raises to $0.80, AbsoTanja88 calls $0.80, beton11 folds, Lekter folds

      Flop: A♦, 2♦, 4♥

      omgZomgWtf bets $1.40, AbsoTanja88 calls $1.40

      Turn: 8♣

      1 checks, AbsoTanja88 bets $3.52, omgZomgWtf calls $3.52

      River: 9♦

      1 checks, AbsoTanja88 bets $13.50, omgZomgWtf folds, Returning uncalled bet $13.50 to AbsoTanja88

      AbsoTanja88 wins $11.16 from main pot

      Bet/fold turn?
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    • maya1984
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      Are u playing guessing game too? ?(
      Share with us your reads/stats on your opponents if you are interted in a better judgment about the hands that you post.
    • DaPhunk
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      I cbet flop let go turn as we are oop.

      IP I might have liked to try and check it down for SD value maybe calling a small river bet, but I guess thats not possible now :D
    • Kaitz20
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      to me standard line would be b/f flop, c/c turn, c/f river, because I don´t think I can force a lot of times better hands fold if I barrel turn and I also keep pot small if he decides to check back.
      also by checking he can bet turn with flushdraws or just floats
      river is player dependent, against unknown I don´t expect he is bluffing there twice