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      Hi.. I have a question for the admins. Ok were should i start... I live in guelph canada. I have a friend down the street from me that i referred to this webiste after i found it from one of my other friends. Now it was brought to my attention this morning when i woke up that his account has been deactivated??? He is here beside me now. He is wondering why the hell it has been deactivated. It took him 3 days and to pass that quiz he studied his ass off to pass the quiz. He was very excited to get his starting capital and start playing some online poker trny's. I told him even about the ID check so he took the time to take pictures of his ID ( driver's license $ of himself) and put it on his computer. But to his unfortunate well being when he went to sign on this morning to send in all his info. He noticed his account has been "deactivated".. What is this all about? I would also like to add, When he joined the site i referred him and he wasn't even able to input my name on the site as a referral. We were wondering what is this all about?? Is this site scam? I know by all means it probably isn't but what is the reasoning for this?!?! This makes no sense to him or us. and it isn't fair at all. He is sat down beside me here complaining and screaming at me. to find out what the problem is. His name is ShowMeTheMoney3 on this site.. Or it was should i say... Can a admin please respond to this ASAP. We would like to know what is the problem and how he can get his account back..
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      Hello GodOfpoker33,

      It seems our security had valid reason to believe that your friend's account was a multiple account which is why it was closed. If this is not the case then I am sorry, but there is nothing that can be done about. He will therefore not be able to receive the starting capital.

      Best regards