QQ and JJ preflop

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      What would be the right strategy when against a preflop raise from a relatively thight player, when holding pocket queens or pocket jacks?

      One would have a slight advantage over hands like AK and AQ, but he might also hold AA, KK, or perhaps even QQ, but it is still a coin flip. The question is, is it one worth taking? I might be a favourite, but it only takes one All-in, to go back to zero. I might win once at the table, but lose all of it the next time in a similiar situation.

      Now, if I were to call, three things could happen on the flop. Either:

      -I pair up with my jacks or queens.
      -The flop has no cards higher than my pockets, and I have overpair.
      -The flop shows one ore more overcards.

      -The first case would obvioulsy suit best. No explanation needed here. The bad thing is, that I'd miss it six times out of seven.
      -The second one should be relatively save, unless he indeed holds a AA or KK respectively, and if one of us goes all in, it would have made no difference, had we done so preflop, or after.
      -The third alternative offers the opponent a good opportunity to get me out of the hand, irrespective if he made it, or not.

      The summary is:

      -Raising all in would put me only slightly ahead.
      -Calling the flop would cost me the initial raise most of the time, unless I reraise him. On the occasion that I do hit the flop, and I reraise him, I get a lot less compared with going all in.

      It seems (given my track record of mainly losses) that either I am not that good a poker player, have some very bad luck with betting into Aces and Kings, or something else I am unaware of. Nevertheless I wanted to write on this topic here. What do you think?
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      3-bet and fold to 4-bet/shove if hes super tight?
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      Originally posted by wasy8
      3-bet and fold to 4-bet/shove if hes super tight?
      outsch....that hurts!!!!!

      3bet/broke in Sh games late vs late vs aggro reg.
      call vs very tight players, especially full ring
      avoid 3bet/folding
      postflop play can't be told in just a few sentences. Watch some vids + post hands to get a better feeling for those situations.

      btw: also depends on limit + opponent

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