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Illuya video questions.

    • aciddrop
      Joined: 08.10.2006 Posts: 1,519
      I have just watched the NL25 FR SSS 20.03.07 coaching video by Illuya. It is in German, which I don't really understand, but that was ok, because all the pictures are in English. ;) I do have a few questions that need some English explanation.

      1) At 6.10 into the video, Illuya is dealt TT, which is a raise/reraise holding, in late position. There is a fairly standard raise from the first player in, and after some explanation, the hand is folded. I would like to hear that explanation.

      2) At 7.47, he is dealt ATos, which is not a playable holding according to the extended SHC, and from late position first in, plays a steal raise. What are the circumstances that caused this?

      3) Generally, when the amount required to leave the table has been won, the current orbit is completed before standing up. This is standard for FL and other forms, but since this strategy relies on cashing out once more than 5 BB have been accumulated, I feel that this maybe jeopardises the excess amount. Is it correct to play much tighter during these few hands, and only play the very best?

      Thanks for this. I enjoyed the video very much, and look forward to these few answers.
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    • Axel80
      Joined: 25.07.2006 Posts: 301

      I don't play SSS myself anymore, but I'll translate his comments for you.

      At 6.10: He is folding the TT in this situation, because of the utg raise. He explains, that raises from utg or from tight opponents often indicate very strong holdings and that he is folding TT in this situation. He also sais that there will be a revised SHC for the SSS by Alaton in the next days regarding these kind of situations.

      At 7.47: He explains at this hand when you should try to make a stealraise and points out that moves like this are just recommendable to experienced players and that there are articles concerning stealraises in the strategy section of the forum. Mandatory for stealraises is, that no one limps in before you, and that you are in late position.

      To your last question, you should always complete the orbit until you get into the blinds again, because these are "free cards" for you hence you already payed them for this orbit. But you should, as you already said, tighten up your handrange a lot. How much, I cannot really say cause I stopped playing the SSS in October and I'm not that familiar with it anymore. But I'm sure someone else can do that.

      I hope I could have helped you
    • aciddrop
      Joined: 08.10.2006 Posts: 1,519
      Thanks for that Axel. It does make sense. I'm not sure about the steal raise with ATos. I think I'll leave that alone for now. The extra hands to complete the orbit I will play, but very tight. I don't want to risk the hard won bets on chances of getting raised out of it with weaker hands.

    • iluya
      Joined: 23.04.2006 Posts: 6,708
      thx axel for doing my job.


      if you want a more detailed explanation of stealing ranges in SSS i recommend to ask in alatons sss public coaching. he is the stealing pro not me :D

      and generally its right to wait to next BB to leave the table. if you dont play BSS you should play very tight and only hands like AA KK QQ AK.