PartyPoker weekly freeroll bankbuilder

    • archsama
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      I was playing that tournament yesterday, but dumb PP software wouldn't let me see the prize!

      I was like
      $0,20 + bankroll builder $2...

      and I couldn't read the rest. Does anyone know what is this extra bankroll builder money and how much is it?

      I bursted in 70/850 in a bad early position all in call with QJs, got called by AKo, flop shows a K =(

      prizes started 50 and above.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi archsama,

      The 2nd part to your prize is an entry into the $2,500 (or might be $2,000 I forget now) Bankbuilder Freeroll.

      Please check your Partypoker software for the time/date of this event to avoid missing it. I think it might be on Saturdays.

      If you cash in this next freeroll you will qualify for a big monthly freeroll.

      Congratulations, well played and good luck!


      Edit: I found the link for you, full details on this Party Poker Website Page.

      Edit#2: Don't forget to post your winnings in the "One million in a year" thread, it doesn't matter whether it's 20 cents or 20 grand, it all counts towards our collective community target :)