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Bankroll sinking slowly like the titanic

    • archsama
      Joined: 28.07.2009 Posts: 250
      Hello all
      I have been playing NL10 SSS in Party Poker with my bonus for over a week now. First day I got to $65, things were going well but since then...

      My Bankroll now is $16 and If I take some bad beats I will go broke. Is it advisable to go down to 0.02/0.04? the min buy-in is $2 like NL10.
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    • racenutalways
      Joined: 03.07.2008 Posts: 179
      Absolutely, protect that 16$ with everything you have. Play tight as a drum, boring, I know, but everyone gambles with a short stacker, I would only shove with AA,KK,QQ and AKs at this point. Bankroll Management must be followed to give yourself the best chance at succeeding.
    • gibster19
      Joined: 27.08.2007 Posts: 44
      Damn easy call.. move down and play like a rock premium hands only
    • MikeB570
      Joined: 25.05.2009 Posts: 72
      I don't play on Party but on Full Tilt and Stars the $1 and $2 sngs are super super soft.
    • rickydaprince
      Joined: 20.12.2008 Posts: 397
      lol, a bit late.
    • archsama
      Joined: 28.07.2009 Posts: 250
      Yeah, I know.

      well, I have to go back when I had less than 30*buy-in for the previous limit...

      thing is, in Party Poker, the minimum buy in for 0.02/0.04 is $2, the same for 0.05/0.10..
      that was kinda messy for me
    • agonyship
      Joined: 17.01.2009 Posts: 4,929
      well i started with the 50$ and I'm up to 130$ now. I've only been playing 1c/2c games so far, maybe a 2$-heads-up or 1$-tourn. sometimes. I'm going to wait till I have 150$ to raise the blinds to 2c/5c and i know why. Once i had a really bad day: I played about 8 hours on this day as it was my 2nd holliday-day and really none of my friends had time to sth. so i thought poker what else *gg*. When i lost the first AA against 7/8 s, although raised like hell and the first KK against 22 on the river, i thought: Hey sh** happens no worries i will win it back in time. But things were going really wrong on that day. I lost 3 full houses and 5 flushes Q/k/A-high. at the end full 10$ with only 1c/2c games and a buy in of 0.40$ per table at full tilt poker. That means, if i'd played 10c/20c....... or even 5c/10c..... :s_mad:

      After 1.5 weeks i'd won it all back and 2.5 weeks later i alredy made aplus of 5$ again.

      This experienced taught me 2 things in poker:
      1. u need much patience for this game
      2. Not only your Play should be as tight as possible, also your bankroll management should be.

      Hope u didn't get broke by now,
      c u @ the tables,