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Suggestion For Admins.....

    • 8979687
      Joined: 11.11.2008 Posts: 2,225
      Heya folks, I have a suggestion that MAY help in clearing up the piles of posts regarding rakeback.

      Make another sticky.. and call it Full Tilt Rakeback Faq or something...

      I know you have a Full Tilt Faq, but the rakeback stuff is not at the top, you have to sift through to find it,
      and people looking for rakeback questions would not think to look there.

      If you made a sticky JUST for the rakeback and in it had all the questions that people keep asking about rakeback,
      you may not have to answer so many of these posts that are all just the same questions by diff people.

      Also, I am not complaining about the quality of the questions and answer in the sticky that are there now,
      but maybe you can add some more stuff to it...

      for example, Maybe you can link to the official Full Tilt Rakeback calculator.

      For the is it possible to keep track of net rake, add in the info for HEM. Only Pokertracker is there..

      For the When is Rakeback paid out section.......

      I get the answer quite simply, but many people do not grasp what is written there....

      Maybe an example like was given in other questions, using dates and amounts so people can understand the process...

      Maybe also put it in there that sometimes your rakeback may not show up exactly on Friday and if it does not please do not
      make a post about it here on Friday with Where is my rakeback?

      Let them know the possible common delays, Ie 2-3 days or whatever it may be, and ask that if they don't get it by then,
      to create a ticket to support or something....

      And about negative rakeback, how long will it be carried over?

      if you buy something from the store then do not play for a month or two and come back is your first playing week still at -RB?
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi 897,

      I'm already on to that, have one in draft, just waiting for clarification from Full Tilt on a couple of aspects. Want to make sure it's 100% accurate before posting.

      Appreciate your suggestions though, will try to incorporate them all into the sticky. Keep them coming.

      Thanks again :)

    • Cpwpoker
      Joined: 04.06.2009 Posts: 749

      I'm sure when you will make the rakeback sticky thread there will be a lot of people asking for rakeback on the thread instead of creating new thread lol.

      I can help with the rakeback thread here is a tip i have given about the rakeback help this will help :P

      But it is all theory need some proof xD

      Easy way to calculate weekly rakeback but don't forget to subtract what need to be subtract

      Originally posted by Cpwpoker
      uhh think it is not/ftp

      but per dollar rake you make.

      Think i find an easy way to calculate.

      Take you total pokerstragy point from tuesday to monday divides it by 2 and multiply it by 27% you should get your approximate rakeback.

      If you have get bonus or use ftp or deposit/withdraw you will have to subtract it from the rake back i dont know the exact value for this check the thread about full tilt.

      The logic behind this?

      1$ rake from full tilt = 2 poker strategy point so by deviding it by 2 ou get the total rake you produced.

      Maybe i'm wrong but i'm waiting for my rakeback to verify my theory xD it should be here in some hours :P ?
      By using my theory i got 18$ rakeback when i have calculated 19$ so it should be more or less correct xD
    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Thanks Cpw, all suggestions and input from fellow members is very much welcomed.

      I agree with 897 in that Rakeback is probably the number 1 aspect for questions and so would like to use all of members experiences/expertise in making it a focal point to help other members out.

      Feel free to add any further suggestions here anyone. I'll look to get the sticky up and running before Friday even if it just has the basics until FTP get back to me.

      Appreciate everyones help with this :)

      Best regards,