Some questions and Auto Rebuy in SSS

    • emotv
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      I am thinking about moving to SS. For 2 hours everyday. just for learning maybe additional income from...

      I am a good micro-low fullring limit player. I have a very big bankroll.

      1- I will considering putting 300 dolars for beginning is it good or i should move upper limits ?

      2- Do i have wait for 15 bb to reload. Can't i reload after i missed a circle and the blinds?

      3- Also i am playing 0,25-0,50 dolars full ring with 14 tables for 2-3 hours everyday nice in income but i will considering one hour shorthand 0,25-0.50 limit to learn about short hand? and i want to play 2 hours of ss ? How much u make profit in SS in hourly in 10 tables at once?
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    • Ishindar
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      u need a big focus to make money with sss. its also better for bonus whoring and bankroll building than for profit over time because u will get bored even playing it advanced. it donesnt sound like it will suit u tbh but there is stuff to be learnt from it for sure like discipline.