FTP bankroll :(

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      Last month i losed my whole bankroll,got up to 250$ winning sattelite, and im now on 0$, probleably my fault becouse i played too much per day. I Played wery strong and didnt go big bluffs but shit happens. XXX [Edited by EagleStar88] - Breach of Board Rule 5.

      Rule No. 5: No threads about private money transfers or sales (PT/PA, Books)!
      It is not allowed to search for private money transfers, or to sell items (e.g. PokerTracker, PokerACE liscences or books) on the forum. Please use Neteller or Moneybookers for your transfer needs. It is also not allowed to ask for money or loans on the forum. We do not want our users to be put in situations where they can suffer potential monetary loses.
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      Hi mightyTooGood,

      Sorry to hear that you lost your BR, however please note that it is against Forum rules to seek loans or money from members in this forum. Your co-operation with staying within these rules is appreciated.

      You can of course always rebuild your bankroll by using our "Tell a Friend" reward scheme, full details available by clicking on the link in my signature.
      Alternatively you could try playing a few freerolls or of course deposit your own funds into your poker account.
      We would respectfully suggest that you consider using appropriate BRM as well to avoid losing your whole roll in future.

      We wish you well with whichever route you decide to take.

      Best regards,