second starting capital

    • AlcopopDK
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      earlier this year u had a second starting capital offer that made it posible to get a second bankroll at mansion poker.

      i was wondering if there any chance that a promotion like that will come back.

      i know mansion has no deposit bonusses with other affiliates but it would be rather nice if we could sign up through PS to get tracked for strategy points ! :)

      thx in advantage

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi AlcopopDK,

      Yes there are occasionally some 2nd starting capital giveaways provided, but I'm pretty sure the Mansion one has been and gone as I don't recall seeing anything recently.

      PokerStrategy do also have a great 1st deposit bonus deal arranged with Mansion.

      If you decide to sign up, make sure you following the instructions carefully and ensure that you use the PokerStrategy code stated in the instructions to have a fully linked account and earn PokerStrategy points.

      Hope this helps, best regards,