Post-flop: How to Play Made Hands on the Turn

    • Bogdan1190
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      in this article i saw that it sais that a call flop raise turn is a strong move. before i read the article i used to do that as a bluf only against rock and some TAG's that i know they will fold if they didn't have somthing really good. so against this opponents do you think is ok how i play ? if i get raise on the turn i realese imediatly into the muck.
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    • Waiboy
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      Hey Bogdan1190

      Just to be clear, you're not asking about playing made hands (as in the title) but bluff raises on the turn?

      My guess:

      Using the standard line as a bluff/semi bluff heads up against players capable of folding better hands is fine. Just make sure you pick the right spots... dry boards with one high card and a few rags is best. You don't want to make these moves on draw heavy boards because villian will usually be getting pretty good odds to call with a lot of draws.
    • ciRith
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      Hi Bogdan1190,

      you may raise the flop with made hands against opponents that fold too much against a turnraise. If they are good you should stick with the turnraise as they are able to exploit that in this case.

      Folding to a turnraise is fine with weak hands but good players raise as a semibluff as well so you can't fold as default. The best you can do is to post these hands in our forum. :)