Its challenge Time #2 $100 into $1000 in 7 days

    • lennonac
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      Ok so the First Challenge went pear shaped, so I decided I wouldnt be beaten on my first attempt, I am going to try again.

      $100 into $1000 in 7 days

      I started the day with 100 $1.10 45 man sng's and a few 90 mans in there as well. At the end of all that I was break even ;( well up $1.70

      I decided to take on the advice of others to try and miss out the $1 sng's due to the swings so I got my BRM and just put it to one side :f_biggrin:

      I played 20 $3.25 45 man sng's with a nice 80% ROI

      Profit $52

      I decided I will include some ring games as well into this challenge as I can grind out alot of hands easly 24 tabling.

      So I played a small 1069 hands today with a profit of $16.35

      and the tourneys...

      Total Profit for the day $70.05

      Total Profit for the challenge $70.05

      Challenge day #1

      At the end of day #2 I want to be around the $250ish mark so I can be comfortable playing in the $3.25 45 man sng's and I will also be able to move up to SSS NL25 with 50 buyins, after that the target is $ 500 to start SSS NL50 and move to the $6.50 45 man sng's. Im hoping to get to $500 in 4 days, leaving me 3 more days to get the other $500

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    • justkyle88
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      are you boku's brother?
    • lennonac
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      I wish I was then I wouldnt have failed the first time!

      I will start my session in a few hours
    • p0kerdragon1
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      Hope you can make it... but honestly I don't think you will.

      In what numbers are you basing your calculations?, I can not see a clear schedule for your goals.

      You can post the number of hours you play every day for example or other parameters to make this post useful for others.

      I think an average player, can make a profit between +$50 and +$100 the way you are playing. But this is my opinion, I really don't know anything about you and don't know how much you earned in your last challenge.

      Maybe you can edit a 'recipe' for all of us :) , I would try it for an invest of $100

      So good luck!
    • lennonac
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      My plan of action is mainly volume although I have been a bit lazy and not put in the 5000 hands of SSS I was planing and didnt do many sng's as I would have liked. (Oh and you ask how many hours I play its around 8-10 and yes I am a pro poker player)

      But that said it was a good day
      So I started the day with some 9 man sng's(Turbo)

      Played 19 $6.50 and made a profit of $6.10 with a roi of 4.9(Before you all scream BRM! It was an honest mistake I meant to open the $3 ones

      Then I moved on to SSS and played 2139 hands with a profit of $10.05
      I ran quite hot as you can see from this chart....

      So after that I had a break then takled some 45 man sng's
      I played 40 in total with a profit of $80.00 and a roi of 61.5% (again running hot) This is why I didnt really put the volume in I normaly would.

      So to sum up after day 2

      Day 2 profit $96.55

      Total profit for the challenge $166.60

      Bankroll now at $266.60
    • RavForenzo
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      what happened with this? I'm assuming a fail as all things have gone quiet on this front. Is a shame, i was keeping an eye on this one.