I just got my 50$ :)

    • MicNegruSiGras
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      I`m so happy i can`t find any words ... so in appreciation to pokerstrategy i will keep posting all my results sessions ... and my bankroll status, i`l keep updating after each session so i can get positive and negative comments ... hope will work fine and i can`t wait to start....

      I also hope i won`t do something stupid to loose all the money.
      I hope i can double triple up :) in time... clear the bonus and i hope i can repay repay pokerstrategy for helping me to start !

      well best of luck to all :) i`m giving a chance now :)
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    • Smileyphil
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      Welcome to PokerStrategy.

      Brilliant to see how enthusiastic you are. :D

      If you stick to the right bankroll management you shouldn't go broke and will have plenty of hands to learn a very fun game.

      Have you played much poker before or is this your first time learning? What type will you play? Tournaments or Ring?

      Good Luck and remember to enjoy it. Its not all about the money. :)
    • steIIstuI
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      PokerStrategy rocks !!!

      You will see, if you do well and make PS points you will probably receive another 50$ starting capital. Also they have very good rakeback deals.

      Have fun and GL at the tables
    • jane18
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      Hello MicNegruSiGras,
      I've received my bankroll too and I'm very satisfied. I started playing and I really enjoy it :-) I have holidays, so I have plenty of time. Good luck on your game and progress! Jane
    • SoyCD
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      Welcome to PokerStrategy.com MicNegruSiGras!

      Its good to see that you are enthusiastic about getting started with Poker!

      You can start your own blog here: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/board.php?boardid=1435 to let us know about your progress :)

      Be sure to download the Elephant from our software section (http://www.pokerstrategy.com/software/) so that you can keep track of your played hands.

      Look forward to seeing you around the forum!

      Best regards
    • MicNegruSiGras
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      :) thanks for all the support guys/girls :) is not ilegal to use softwares ?? i` dont know for sure but i have read it somewhere....

      well it`s a bit strange...i`l been playing for about.. 2 hours now... and i noticed i have only 2 ppoints for about 1 hour... i havent made any points :( ( it` could be a bug or something?

      in overall ... i`m sticking to the bankroll managemant and using the 1st hand chart i`m dooing well i think i have +5 $$ :D

      so happy.. :X

      what is that elephant thing you talking about it saves the hands i have played?!:D sounds interesting...

      i`l try the blog.. thats interesting aswell :D