FL players in Brno(CZ)?

    • Pincell
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      Hey there,
      I've been playing FL for about a month and I would like to find players that just started to play FL,players who want to start to play FL or players who play for longer time but can't manage to move up limits. My idea is to organise study group which would have a meeting once a week and we could:
      - study articles together (I'm learing stuff much easier and faster when I can discuss it with other people
      - share ideas about the game
      - review interesting hands/sessions
      - maybe play some poker (I have chips)
      - drink some bears and have a good time :f_biggrin:
      If you are interested write a post here in thread or contact me on
      ICQ : 486150240

      Learing stuff is much easier in group than alone :f_cool:
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