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Fonyblog 2.x - The blog of Fonyman

    • Fonyman
      Joined: 18.07.2009 Posts: 55

      Good evening fellow strategists!

      Fonyblog: Who is that weird guy?
      My name is(for now) Fonyman, I am 21 years old, from Norway and I am here to (wait for it!).. ... Play, enjoy and learn poker!. I don't know if it's interesting or not but I'll add it anyway.
      I am studying Graphic Design in Milan, Italy. If there's interest for it I will sometimes add work I do(for school or professional matters) in this blog to create some variety(seems like this community likes that) if people want it though.

      I'm a freshman in the poker community but I really, really enjoy playing poker so I try to do it alot(Although do not want it to interfere with my social life or studies, for now... :s_cool: ).

      Fonyblog: What is this blog for?
      The reasons I'm writing this is basically because I need more discipline, I've broken probably 3 bankrolls already because of shitty BRM, so this is it. Now I'm gonna do it for real. I like interacting with communities, I've read some other blogs here and it seems nice. Although, I'm not gonna be a superactive blogger but I imagine maybe I'll post once or twice a week.

      Fonyblog: History
      Ok, this is the deal. As I already said I lost some bankrolls, my starting capital from Pokerstrategy lasted a while. but that was half a year ago now. After that I deposited some money here and there and after a while it was gone again(100% due to bad brm).

      I've played "a lot" of those huge MTT on Pokerstars, because my roommate plays them quite heavily(he's an experienced poker player, so he gave me a kickstart back then and showed me PS etc etc.) In the start I played mostly SSS and BSS (FR). And when I moved to Pokerstars I started doing SNG's. But I never really found joy, I liked the SNG's but they were too bounding(I hated not being able to just click sit out and leave the computer).

      Fonyblog: Where is he now?
      So this is what happend.. a few days ago I was bored, and I checked out my fulltiltpoker account, there was 4$ there. Being, well not addicted to poker, but as a hobby I was actually prepared to deposit and start over a new bankroll. The last months I've really tried out NLSH, and I loved it. I've been loving because I love the extra action.

      So i built my 4$ up to a 20$ bankroll. And I hope it will continue. I'm actually having a lot of fun playing at this limit (nl2). Because the players are SO bad and I really get to practice my postflop and reading.

      Fonyblog: The GOAL
      Alright, actually my goal for now is basically just to make money while playing poker. I want to see a steady increase in my bankroll. Therefore my first goal will be somewhat low. I set it at 100$. This is not a long-term goal or a short-term goal or whatever, It will just be like a milestone for me.
      Also one day I would really like to be a Gold member at Pokerstrategy and I want some kind of vipstatus at a poker room(Never had, not even silver on Pokerstars :( )

      What's the deal with this and that?
      This is an old blog I made for a while back which I never got to continue with and that is why the blog is version 2.x :P Supposedly if you are artistic you are not supposed to be good with numbers and rules. But maybe I can prove them bastards wrong!

      Alrighty almighty.

      while($Fonyman != 'bankrupt') {
      echo "Bankroll: 20,91$";

      Btw, what is THAT function doing on Ohwell, one day maybe we can start discussing php instead of Poker.
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    • JuiceQuadre
      Joined: 05.10.2008 Posts: 2,688
      Hi there mate =)

      Nice blog.

      I like your style, keep it up, ill keep checking how ur doing =)
    • Fonyman
      Joined: 18.07.2009 Posts: 55
      Fonyblog 2.1 
      "Christmas Edition" 

      Cheerio Ms. Sofy!
      It's Christmas again and christmas is good. In Norway we have a tradition that the father or mother of a house write a letter ("Julebrev", in English: Letter of Christmas), this letter is supposed to contain updates from the whole family(including all children and pets). Where do they go to school? How did it go with little junior who broke his little toe? All kinds of boring family bullshit.

      I am not going to do this.

      But I have news related to Poker, they're not big. But they exist.

      What happend?
      Well, I played some, not alot. But some, first I will state that I am proud of myself, because there is still a bankroll, I did ONLY play nlsh2(it seems I actually do have this thing they refer to as Discipline). My bankroll has been surfing up and down, I was down at 14$. But now I have an astonishing 24$.

      I do honsetly think that I have been able to put myself together. I play MUCH shorter sessions.. I play no longer than 40 minutes, including a few minute breaks in between. And I stopped wasting my money with retarded limp/call-ing with useless hands.

      What now?
      Considering it's christmas I think it's in order to propose a cheers for the greatest pokercommunity available, Where would we all be without it?
      Also I want to dedicate a few words to Tim64 who is probably enjoying his first christmas with his new child, hope you read this Tim!

      Well obviously I would never believe myself that I could be this happy over 4$. But I am, and this is because I see the light, and it's not in the end of the tunnel. Maybe I actually am able to be a winning player?

      Stick around and we'll find out in the next post, I'm also planning to include som more of my Graphic Design projects and work-life in the next post, to see if that will be likeable.

      Fonyman, out!

      Merry christmas and a happy new year!