won a ept london seat

    • rajaps
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      Hi guys just wanna tell u guys that i qualified for ept london this oct through pokerstars its 12350 dollar package ...does anybody have any expericence of qualifying through pokerstars ??? can i not go to the event and have the money instead any ideas or help would be appreciated ..by the way i am rowmn@ pokerstars. thnx
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    • Ramble
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      I can't answer your questions but wanted to say Congratulations!

      Why would you not be interested in going?
    • lennonac
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      Good work! I keep thinking about trying for this, I dont believe you can transfer it but I would email them
    • swissmoumout
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      Q. Can I sell my seat if I win?
      A. No. You must play the first seat you win. If you are fortunate enough to win additional seats, your PokerStars account will be credited with W$ for the package price, and the spending allowance will be credited in cash $.
      This is from the Pokerstars EPT site (linky)

      But yeah, like lennonac said, I would try emailing them..you never know amirite?
      Or, if it's at all possible, you could perhaps sell it? *nudge nudge*, saynomore :f_biggrin:
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi rajaps,

      Firstly, many congratulations, very nice result.

      Secondly, if your ticket was won through a multi-table satellite (not Single table Sng), please add it into the Million in a year thread so that it can be counted towards our total.

      This applies to your other post with winnings included too.

      Many thanks,