Won more money as a fish.

    • karmi
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      One thing has always bothered me about my entire poker 'career' if we call it that. When I knew very little about the game, I had not studied or read anything I barely knew what beat what and I was a calling station at Partypoker chasing flush draws 24/7 with horrible odds (I had to look at what they told me i had, i looked at the bottom right of the screen and hoped it said i had a flush, i knew to go all in with a flush or better LOL). I can run $50 up into over $5000 in months (with a little bit of casino degeneracy, here and there) yet when I withdrew, deposited on FullTilt studied the game for years, read countless books and hopefully understand the game at at least an intermediate level I make less money?

      To give you an example, on Partypoker back then I'd beat $11 sng's consistently, i would play 1/2 & 2/4 out BRM'd with zero knowledge of the game and rarely had losing sessions. I didnt float, I didnt call on high card I played only the nuts basically. Yet now at FullTilt with more knowledge then ever I am sitting on a 8% roi on $5.50's over 1500 games played. So im up around $700 in 1500 games averaging maybe 500 games a month. Cash games im a 6.5bb/100 winner at NL50 over 16k hands and dont have the BRM to move up. Now this is far from a brag post, was I just on a sick heater on Partypoker or what or is it possible you can become too 'good' to make certain calls? Sure ive done some sick calls with thorough thought process behind them but I still feel my game is weak and I dont feel like its improving. Statistically, im a rock and after being about 60 SnG buyins down getting it in over a 60 or even 95% favourite im still down for the week. It makes me feel sick how im a far better player now making the correct plays 90% of the time and still losing money. Almost to the point where I have stopped enjoying the game like I used to and feel like cashing out and just hanging in the towel.

      I want to improve my game but I dont think sheer volume is enough to do it. I have to change my style and become a 'better' player by being 'loser' or 'fishier'? I always said to myself wow these poker pros are living the life, making millions per month if I study enough i'll be just like them one day. Im starting to have more respect for these grinders and I think they earn their money with alot of hard work (especially emotional battles).


      Im on a downswing and thought I was better then I am. I finally respect pros and the emotional battles they struggle with on the route to becoming high stakes grinders. I dont think sheer volume will improve my game and I am looking for ways to become more aggressive and play for winnings in the long run as opposed to cashing in every single table by check folding and playing the nuts.

      Does anyone have any inspirational words of wisdom?
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    • LuborC
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      Don't give up. As you said there's a lot of hard work behind every dollar earned at the tables but if you are willing to learn the money will come.

      Your winrate isn't the highest obviously but you have not yet played that much so it still might be just variance.. Also you said that you studied the game for years after you made your run from 50 to 5k and the games definitely got tougher in the meantime.

      There are also a lot of important articles in the silver section. If you haven't read those yet I'm sure they will help you a lot once you get access to those..
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      reading and learning makes you a better all round player, however everyone has a 'style' which is unique to them, not everyone plays the same way, try to incorporate what you have learnt into your style and go from there.

      play the way that suits you best, but take on board all the lessons learnt.
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      The quality of players is raising very quickly, that is my personal feeling ..

      Personally I ran my "bankroll" from 50$ to 2000$ in 2 months playing NL10 SH (started with 3$ BI slowly moved up to full buyin, something like "intuitive BRM" :f_biggrin: ) without knowing any strategy, I only played max 2 tables at once .. Basically I was only good at math and probability, so I could calculate the odds in my head but that is all ..

      No button raises, no 3betting, no c-bets, no 2nd barrels, no "what is his range" thinking, just pure basic playing strong hands strong and fold weak hands, play draws if the odds and implieds (I did not know the term "implied odds" that time, just felt that if someone will pay me off I can call more than what the probability says ..)

      That is it :-) And that "strategy" actually still works on sites with lot of LAGs, maniacs and recreational players who just want to have some fun and thrill throwing 10$ into the pot on a draw or all in with 55 preflop .. People here call them fish I call them recreational players and always try to be nice to them