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    • chadkuijlaars
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      I am intrested in that aswell ;) :D
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Both & welcome to the community,

      Well I'm not very knowledgeable myself when it comes to software as I don't tend to use them, however PokerStrategy already provide you with some nice products free of charge.

      Check out this link for the full list of downloads available.

      They include:

      • Elephant - A database which tracks the hands you play and stores them so that you can review them at a later date. Elephant also provides you with summary statistics of your play to date and a HUD (Heads up display) whilst you play at the tables using your previous hand history.
      • ICM Trainer & Light - Are Push/Fold training software that helps you to develop a strong end game in Sng's and Tournament play when short stacked, i.e. just which hands are profitiable (in the long run) to push and which are best folded.
      • Equilator - Is a calculator that provides you with the % odds of a particular hand winning in a particular situation. You can change number of players, players ranges and position and re-equilator results. Very useful whilst learning.

      Hope this helps. Any questions, don't hesitate to post and more experienced software members will be happy to help you.

      Best regards,