3 of a kind on 3diamonds flop

    • andreibalint
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      Hello. I wanted to post this hand on the hand evaluation forum but Elephant just keeps crashing so i can't convert it to the standard format. Here's what i remember:

      NL 4 SH
      Hero is CO with 99. Everybody folded to me i raise 4BB and get called by the BB. I know next to nothing about him. Both of us have 100BB stacks.

      Flop is K :diamond: 9 :diamond: 5 :diamond:( i think..) He bets around 2/3 of the pot i re-raise 3x his raise he re-raises leaving just a little behind and i push all in. He calls.

      Turn blank river blank he shows the nut flush.

      How good was my determination to go all in on the flop? I figured folding is out of the question and just calling gives him good odds to draw to the potential flush with an ace. Statistically it's way more likely to hit a set than to hit a flush but how about his agression?! I know almost every good player will tell me here that it depends on his agression factor, how tight he is, what are the bets exactly but i really can't get that information :D

      Thanks a lot.
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    • Dragar
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      Its a cooler... NH. You have to go all-in
    • agonyship
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      I mostly play cash-games small-stacked. That makes the most decissions quite easy. so in a cash game with small stackes this situation is easy. U of course have to go All-inn directly after the flop.
      But if you are big-stacked and ur opponent is bs, too; or even worse ur playing a tournament this is really hard.
      I don't know what I'd done in that situation, but i'd surely thought about to fold, because I'd thought: Hey, what else will he have but the flush if he pushes like that. Even more if u just pushed he maybe already thinks u have the flush, too, but his one is higher.
      I think I'd folded, although u said that this was out of the question. If u didn't have the 100BB i the back before it would be different again.
    • andreibalint
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      Thanks for your advice. I just played a hand regarding the same situation,only the hands were reversed. I make the flush on the flop and bet 3/4 pot to protect. Fish calls. Turn blank i bet 3/4 he calls. River pairs a Jack on the flop (i actually saw this in the hand history, i didn't during the hand). I bet 3/4 pot he raises all in I get like 1:5 on a call and of course do so. He had a set on the flop and improved to full house on the river.

      That was so incredibly bad i was actually wondering how the hell can i feel at least a little bad cause he took my money? Lol.
    • Ka0s
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      I put this hand in equilator because I was never sure of how far ahead you are in these situations.

      I don't know this guy's range of course, but against this range:

      KK, AA, 55,
      AK, K9, K5
      :diamond: : KxQd, KxJd, KxTd
      :diamond: :diamond: : AdQd, AdJd, AdTd, Ad8d, QdJd, QdTd, JdTd, 8d7d, 8d6d, 7d6d

      Your 99 would be ahead with ~70% !
      I'm sure this wasn't his true range, but if you add hands to this range, it will probably just get weaker.