softw to calc "odds to call"

    • ninjagaiden05
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      I wonder if there is any theoretical odds calcuator in following situation:

      you have 22, there is X$ in pot already and the villain pushes Y$ only you left to act. with or without eventual ITB/ITM option.

      you put villain on a range for example PP, KT+

      is there any app where to put in the villain range and get answer how much the X and Y can be before making a "theoretical +-0 call" not at economical or EV+ but a call where even if dominated the X and Y factor is so big that theoreticaly if run 1 million times different combination of villain hands in range(to get correct odds to see) the profit lost/won is about 0$

      also is these software legal while playing the game or are they strictly for analyze?

      If the above software is for analyze what is the most complicated software allowed to have running during a game?

      edit--> also instead of calc X and Y, have X and Y as known factors and let software calculate the range villain needs to have to make a call profit or +-0 over 1million hand
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    • Berzerger
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      There's always the equilator, available to everyone for free permanent use. If you're playing tournaments, the only advise I have is don't ever call AI unless you're sure you're ahead enough. You're never really ahead with 22, so your question is out of place imo.

      About the legality of software, the equilator can be used at any point in time by anyone. If you're looking for tournament oriented software, try the ICM trainer.