Coaching YES or NO???

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    • Which coaching would you want me to do?

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        Fixed Limit ShortHanded - Especially for people who want to switch from FR(10max) to SH(6max)
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        SNG - BRB (Bankroll Building) I will start with $11 Sng's and $400-500 Bankroll
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        NL - BSS - FR (10max) see how a fixed limit player handles NL
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        We have enough good coaches, no need to add more useless coaching :)
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    • Stefan1000
      Joined: 24.01.2006 Posts: 1,649
      Hi everyone,

      i will have more time left, the upcoming month so i decided why not do some coaching for you.

      But to make it a bit more exciting for you and demanding for me you should decide what i should coach.

      As you probably know i am a fixed limit player on the higher limits.
      But i think it could also be interesting to see how i would handle NL games or even SnG's.

      But if you don't want me to get angry you better vote for the fixed coaching :D

      Best regards,
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