SnG madness?

    • lessthanthreee
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      anyone going to grind the madness over the weekend?

      im going to put in a few sessions on the microstakes playing my normal game, except ill run continuous instead of sets to increase my games / hr which will hopefully increase my points received / hr.

      any advice from anyone about making the high ranks? is it all about volume?
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi lessthanthreee,

      I will be playing my normal games as usual, but generally I fall just short of the leaderboard as I don't multitable enough.

      It is a mixture of lots of volume with maintaining good results of course over the 2 hour time slot. It is a good promotion especially as you can equally play on the smaller stakes and very popular with members.

      The only word of caution, as with all promotions/bonus etc, is don't overstretch yourself. Concentrate on your game and getting results.... no point losing $20 to win a bonus of $10 (sort of thing - you know what I mean).

      Good luck and let us know how you get on :)

      Best regards,

    • Thypo
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      good luck to everyone that competes in the madness..

      I will be playing some 1 $ - 2 $ sitnGo's as well.. so just playing my normal game, i will just try to get into the 50k guaranteed freeroll by winning 2 SitnGo's, i already have 1 from 5 mins ago.. so 1 other one should be easy in 2 days :)

      good luck

    • advola
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      This madness put acctually madness in the table in my limits (22$-33$)
      like 3 or 4 multy taiblers in every table
      and i often found my self in blinds of 120-240 and more
      with still 7-8 players! ( and is not turbo of coursh..)
      Very frustrating i stopped this weekend with the 9ppl sng
      and played 4 45ppl sng
      in there i found all the weekend fishes at last
      finished 2nd twich , one of them with deal
      (326$ for me 354$ for the other one)
      i just wating for the madness to over allready
    • zhenzhenZHEN
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      dunno i find the $2 sng's softer this weekend =D
      i can actually make some profit instead of my usual losing streak
    • orenha
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      well i dont like the 9 plr sng at all....

      theres nothing like the 27 plr.... 2 and 5 $.... and in alittle while ill monve to the 10....

      but 9 players is not worth the time.... imo. its take long time and the profit even for first place is not much.
    • lessthanthreee
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      i quickly realised i cant compete without 16tabling turbos.

      and that is very -EV for my game (not at that level yet)

      so yeah lol.

      conclusion : madness = -$EV :P