2000 MCP or 3000 MCP?!?!?!

    • marxonn
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      how many points i need on mansion for withdraw my money? i saw on the forum that i need 2000 MCP for take money from mansion.

      I got this message from support, that i need 3000 MCP, WTF???

      Hello Marko,

      Thank you for contacting MansionPoker.com with your withdrawal query

      We can see that you are working towards a $50 bonus you received from Poker Strategy on the 24th July 2009.

      In order to withdraw your bonus you must meet the wagering requirements as per the terms and conditions of this bonus. These are as follows:

      Once you have accrued 3000 Mansion Club Points from the date you received this bonus, you can withdraw your bonus amount and the winnings,

      If you make a deposit before accruing 3000 Mansion Club Points you may only withdraw your deposit amount - but you will lose the bonus,

      You have currently earned 1703.15 MCP's towards this bonus.

      Once you request a withdrawal, the bonus will be removed from your account.

      We hope this information has been useful to you.
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hi marxonn,

      Welcome to Forums!

      I beleive that you need 2000 points (in 90 days) to make sure that you keep the capital and make it yours. If mansion support say you need 3000 MCP to withdraw then they are likely to be right. Also please note that with some forms of withdrawal, you need to have deposited first.


    • CoreySteel
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      Yep. 2k MCP for keeping 50$ starting capital and 3k to be able to withdraw it.
    • Cpwpoker
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      In their policies i think i read something about no withdrawal if there is a pending bonus.

      Brb i go search it xD

      Your withdrawal method may be restricted based on your country. Please contact support for further information on which withdrawal methods are available to you.
      Please note that if you have any outstanding bonuses on your account you will not be able to withdraw until you meet the terms of that bonus.
      Be advised that large withdrawals may take longer to be processed (5 days).